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Effectively manage acute & chronic pain

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Effective, wearable health tech.

Cutting-edge devices that give you an effective, reliable way to manage pain and optimise recovery from injury or exercise. Through therapeutic electric currents you can improve your quality of life on your own terms. 

Learn how Nurokor Works

Grounded in science, proven in life.

Learn exactly how Nurokor technology works.

Bioelectronic technology is the next pillar of modern medicine. As we all look for more natural and personalised solutions to manage our health and wellbeing and fit in with our lifestyles, technology will become the first option that we reach for.

Therapeutic Electrical Currents

The foundation of Nurokor technology.

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Customer Reviews

A look inside the Nurokor products

There are 3 main forms of electrical therapy. By adjusting the specific parameters of each one and combining them, we create our own unique treatment programmes and tailor them to specific purposes like managing pain or optimising muscle recovery.

Trusted by clinicians and pro athletes

Evidence-based technology you can trust.

Nurokor work with experts in medicine, technology and science from around the world and encourage testing and trials by external organisations.

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