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FREE SHIPPING on orders over €38
FREE SHIPPING on orders over €38


Give the gift of Irish this Christmas with our selections of gifts from a range of beautiful Irish brands including Sculpted by Aimee, SOSU, Bare by Vogue and many more.
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    Love The Mug

    Enjoy tea and coffee out of a quirky mug designed with care by Love The Mug. It is made from fine china which keeps your drink nice and warm.

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  • Magic Hair Brush Mini Meaghers Pharmacy Save 20%
    Current Price $13.18
    Original Price $16.48

    Magic Hair Brush Mini

    3 colors available

    Magic Hair Brush Mini in Sports Style Zipped Wallet. The new Mini Magic Hair Brush is easy to carry and fully enclosed in the stylish wallet but wi...

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  • White Sold out

    Voduz "Blow Out" Infrared Hair Dryer

    3 colors available

    The Voduz ‘Blow Out’ introduces the latest infrared technology to allow you to achieve that professional blow-dry at home. The infrared heat not on...

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