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FREE SHIPPING on orders over €38

COVID-19 Vaccination Service

**January 2023**

We are currently offering COVID Vaccines in our Baggot Street, Barrow Street and Ranelagh Stores only. 

New adapted Covid 19 vaccines are now being offered in Meaghers as booster doses. They are expected to give better protection from COVID 19 to include the Omicron Variants.

We are now administering 2nd boosters to the following :

  • Age 18-49 year olds, where 6 months has passed since last booster or COVID-19 infection


You can still get your 2nd booster if you are in one of the groups below and 4 months have passed since your last booster or COVID-19 infection.

  • OVER 50
  • Pregnant (Over 16 weeks)
  • Healthcare workers
  • OVER 12s with weakened immune systems ONLY.


or 3rd boosters to the following if eligible under the guidance :

  • Over 65 years if 4 months has passed since 2nd booster or COVID-19 infection
  • OVER 12s with weakened immune systems where 4 months has passed since last booster or COVID-19 infection

To book in for your booster appointment, if in the above eligible categories please click on the link below, select appropriate store and appropriate appointment type -          


If you book in for an appointment for a booster Covid-19 vaccination, please note that if you are not in the current HSE recommended group for a booster vaccine or if the required time has not passed since your last COVID vaccine (see below) then your appointment will be cancelled.

If you attend for an appointment, we will always check eligibility at this stage. Ineligible patients will not be vaccinated.

If you have any queries about the vaccine, please email


How long should I wait before getting a booster?

1st Boosters

For >16 years - You need to wait at least 3 MONTHS after your second vaccine dose or positive COVID-19 infection, before you can get your first booster.

For 12 - 15 years - you need to wait at least 6 MONTHS after your second vaccine dose before you can get a booster. If you are immunocompromised but in this age bracket you only need to wait 3 MONTHS post 2nd vaccine dose for booster. If you have had positive COVID-19 infection you should wait 6 MONTHS for 1st booster whether immunocompromised or not.


2nd Boosters and 3rd Boosters

For over 65yrs or those immunocompromised and age >12years - you should wait minimum 4 MONTHS after your first or 2nd booster OR Positive COVID-19 infection before getting subsequent booster dose.

For those age 18-49 years - you should wait minimum 6 MONTHS after your first booster OR positive COVID-19 infection before getting your second booster dose.



What is COVID-19?

COVID-19 is a very infectious viral illness which can cause serious illness, hospitalisation and even death, particularly in elderly and patients that have a compromised immune system. COVID-19 is caused by a new type of Coronavirus that was discovered in December 2019.

Why is it important to get a COVID-19 vaccine?

Some people who get COVID-19 can get serious complications which make them very sick where they may need treatment in hospital or in intensive care. COVID-19 can even cause people to die.

There is no way to know how COVID-19 will affect you as it effects different people to varying degrees. If you do get the virus it can spread to other people around you, like your family and friends.

COVID-19 vaccines will offer you protection from COVID-19 by teaching your immune system how to protect you from this disease. If you have been vaccinated, and you come into contact with Covid-19 infection, your immune system should stop the infection from making you sick. It is important to note that some people might still get COVID-19 even after having the vaccine, but the vaccine works to reduce this to a mild illness. 

Are COVID-19 vaccines safe?

  • COVID-19 vaccines used in Ireland are safe.
  • All vaccines used in the Republic of Ireland must be approved by the European Medicines Agency (EMA). The EMA only approves vaccines once they are satisfied that they are safe and effective.
  • Experts across the world have worked together to develop safe vaccines as quickly as possible.
  • In Ireland, the Health Products Regulatory Authority (HPRA) works to make sure that side effects that people get are reported and followed up.

 Are there any side effects from COVID-19 vaccines?

  • Like all medicines, vaccines can have side effects. The side effects are mostly mild or moderate and some don’t get any side effects at all.
  • Mild side effects can include a sore arm or itching where the injection was given, feeling tired, feeling sick, body chills or feeling like you have a fever.
  • We know that serious side effects to vaccines, like an allergic reaction, are extremely
  • There are also very few reports of rare clotting issues occurring in some people following vaccination. Symptoms of blood clots include shortness of breath, chest pain, leg swelling, persistent abdominal pain and severe and persistent headaches or blurred vision and if any of these were to occur you should speak with your doctor. 

Do I have to get a COVID-19 vaccine?

  • When the vaccine is available for you, it is your choice whether to get it.
  • You will be shown a HSE information leaflet about the vaccine, and asked by the person who gives you the vaccine to give your consent.
  • It is important that you have all the information you need to help you make the decision that is right for you.

Do I still need to wear a mask, keep my distance and wash my hands after I get a COVID-19 vaccine?

  • The vaccine is just one way we have to protect ourselves from COVID-19.
  • There is still a small chance you might get COVID-19 after you have had the vaccine.
  • There is also a chance that you might spread COVID-19, even if you don’t get sick yourself.

That is why it is so important to continue to follow HSE and government advice on washing your hands, keeping your distance and wearing a face covering.

Have you any other questions about COVID vaccines?

Our Pharmacists in Meaghers are all trained to answer queries and give professional advice on COVID-19 vaccines. Should you have any questions about getting a vaccine please call into any of our pharmacies or email