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How Our Service Works

Our Online Doctor Service is a very safe and convenient way to get treatment from a doctor. Through a medical questionnaire or a face-to-face video consultation, a GP will review your case and prescribe treatment at their discretion. Consultations start at just €25 and your prescription will be sent directly to your preferred Meaghers Pharmacy in a matter of hours.

Fill in a simple online questionnaire for your desired treatment. We use the same security as banks to ensure your information is safe and secure.

Our Irish based doctors will review your answers to ensure you are medically suitable for your requested treatment.

Your script will be sent directly to your preferred Meaghers Pharmacy. Your medicine can then be collected or delivery arranged.

Online Video Consultation

Benefits of a Video Consultation

  • Speak face-to-face with a qualified Pharmacist
  • Appointments available Monday to Friday from 9-6pm
  • 100% Secure and Private
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Frequently Asked Questions

Your medical questionnaire will usually be reviewed by a doctor the very same day. You will receive an email notification once your request has been reviewed and your prescription has been sent directly to your nominated pharmacy.

If for whatever reason it is deemed medically unsuitable for a prescription to be issued, you will be issued a refund. This refund does not apply to video consultations.

When you are completing your online medical questionnaire, you will be asked to select your preferred local Meaghers Pharmacy for your prescription to be sent directly.

One of our pharmacists will contact you by telephone once your prescription has been received. The pharmacist will discuss the medication prescribed with you, include details on the cost and organise for collection or delivery of medication.

One of our pharmacists will call you when your prescription is received and can take payment for the medication over the phone at that time. Alternatively, if you’re collecting in store you can pay on collection.

The prescriptions are the majority of the time repeat prescriptions,lasting 6 months from the date of issue but it can depend on the conditionbeing treated.

Yes, once your prescription is received by the pharmacy, we will contact you to give you the option to have your medication delivered. We offer a same day LOCAL delivery service or a next day NATIONWIDE delivery service.

Local GPs are not notified of your treatment except at your request. You can request that your local GP is notified of your treatment when completing your medical questionnaire. If you are on a video consultation you can request this by asking the doctor completing consultation.

Yes, you can choose to have an online video consultation with a doctor through Webdoctor. Prices for video consultation start at €35. You can access video consultations here

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