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4x higher absorption vs. conventional supplements

Through multiple studies and clinical trials, we’ve demonstrated that Zooki Liposomal Encapsulation provides nutrients with 4x higher absorption into the bloodstream compared to conventional supplements

Why a lot of supplements don't work

You might be surprised to learn that when we take conventional supplements, most of the nutrients are destroyed before they make it to our cells, which is where they’re needed to work their magic.

This happens for two reasons - our stomach acid's destructive nature and an inefficient absorption process in the small intestine (more on this below).

As a result, 80% of traditional supplements can be destroyed before ever reaching the bloodstream and cells. That’s a lot of valuable nutrients (and money) going to waste!

How do we stop all this waste?

The result?

10x greater nutrient protection

Through in vitro studies, we've shown that Zooki Liposomes provide nutrients with 10x more protection against the harsh environments of your digestive system compared to conventional supplements

4x higher absorption into the bloodstream

In multiple clinical trials, we've shown that wrapping nutrients in Zooki Liposomes provides 4x higher absorption into the bloodstream compared to conventional supplements

How lipisomes protect nutrients

Liposomal shields

By wrapping nutrients in Zooki Liposomes, we form a protective shield around them - preventing them from being destroyed as they travel through the harsh environments of your digestive system. In practice, this is about shielding nutrients from the acidic conditions of your stomach and alkaline conditions of your intestines.

10x greater nutrient protection

To demonstrate the shielding ability of our liposomes, we commissioned studies with independent scientists that simulated the conditions of both the stomach and the intestines, and measured how Zooki products held up in comparison to nutrients in their raw, non-encapsulated form.

The result? 10x less Vitamin C destroyed when using Zooki Liposomes after an hour in your stomach.

How Liposomes increase absorption

Why regular supplements have low absorption

A lot of supplements are absorbed into the bloodstream through “active transport” - your body expends energy to absorb nutrients into the bloodstream through “protein channels” that are embedded in the gut wall.

The body doesn’t have enough of these protein channels in the gut wall to absorb the high concentrations of nutrients found in supplements, which can lead to nutrients in regular supplements passing straight through the body without making it into the bloodstream..

Liposomes get absorbed differently

By encapsulating nutrients in Liposomes, nutrients in Zooki products are absorbed directly into the bloodstream through a different kind of cell in the gut wall known as an "M-cell"; by-passing the need for the protein channels that get saturated and act as bottlenecks for nutrient absorption.

4x higher absorption, clinically proven

To demonstrate the increased bioavailability of Zooki Liposomal encapsulation, we commissioned independent clinical absorption trials using Zooki Liposomal Vitamin C vs. non-encapsulated Vitamin C.

Over a 48 hour period, the study found there was 3.91 x more Vitamin C in the bloodstream when using Zooki Liposomal Delivery Technology compared non-encapsulated Vitamin C.

Are all Zooki products Liposomal?

Wrapping nutrients in Liposomes lends itself particularly well to smaller nutrients such as Vitamin C, Magnesium and Ashwagandha. Larger protein molecules (such as Collagen) are difficult to encapsulate and supplements we don't need to absorb (like probiotics) would require a different approach as they don’t need to make it into the bloodstream. You can browse all our Liposomal products belo