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What is Pharmacy 360

Here at Meaghers, we are passionate about promoting the health of the individual. We want to make your local pharmacy not just a place to visit when you are sick, but a place to get the expert advice you need to support you in staying well. We are taking a proactive and preventative approach to health. 

The aim of Pharmacy 360 is to take a 360-degree, whole-bodied approach to a person’s health, combining all aspects of treatments from lifestyle medicine to conventional western medicine, to suitable complementary therapies available. A big part of Pharmacy 360 is to educate and empower patients on their lifestyle health and also to
direct people to other suitable healthcare professionals and experts when necessary. 

This is a space where we will share the knowledge from our experts to enhance the health of our patients, our teams, and ourselves by looking at
lifestyle tips we can give to improve health in the following 7 areas:
Core Values; Sleep; Stress Resilience; Nutrition; Movement & Exercise; Relationships & Connections; and Environment

Meet Liz

Liz O’Hagan is a community pharmacist, trained in integrative health and lifestyle medicine. She
has a passion for educating people about their lifestyle health, and how it can be used to
compliment conventional western medicine for improved overall health outcomes. 

Liz will provide us with a greater understanding of each element and give practical and effective
ways to improve our health and well-being through simple, sustainable lifestyle

She also wants to connect patients in need with suitable healthcare professionals who are out
there. This is a space where we hope to open referral pathways and signpost
people to services and experts relevant to them and their conditions.