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The Science that proves it

Rooted in science

Symprove take science seriously, in their labs and beyond. IThe results? Symprove really works.

The Science that proves it

The Research

Symprove has been put through its paces in several major independent studies. One, by the team at University College London saw our bacteria pass three key tests with flying colours! These set out to prove whether:


Symprove's bacteria is alive when it enters the body


It can survive as it passes through the stomach


It can reach the lower gut and thrive there!

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Say Hello to the Ingredients

Working in harmony with your body (and each other)

Live bacteria

Symprove contains four strains that occur naturally in your gut. We selected Lactobacillus for its resistance to acid, and all of them for the way they work in synergy and encourage each other to grow.

Germinated barley extract

This clever grain works as a catalyst for fermentation. It helps to speed up the growth of the live bacteria, and keep the numbers steady for the 4 months of Symprove's shelf-life. (Don't worry, we remove gluten before bottling.)


It doesn't trigger digestion and bacteria love living in it! So water, coupled with the way you take Symprove on an empty stomach, helps limit our bacteria's exposure to digestive juices that would otherwise kill them.


From the lab with love

We make Symprove in a controlled environment. First, we prep our bacteria to make sure they can tolerate the low pH levels in your stomach. Then we add them to a water-based solution with liquid barley extract. Over a 21-hour period, fermentation occurs and they multiply like mad! Once there's enough bacteria, we halt the process, test our samples and then get bottling.

Trillions of good bugs in every bottle

Ready for a fun fact? If you lined up all the bacteria in a shot of Symprove nose to tail, they'd stretch for a whopping 30 kilometres! That's because every shot contains over 10 billion colony-forming-units of good bacteria. 

Getting the thumbs up from an expert

Testing makes perfect

We want to make sure that our quality and purity is spot on. That’s why our production process is patented and overseen by expert fermentation scientists. And our internal quality management systems are run to internationally-approved standards. 

Love your gut

Balancing your microbiome is a marathon not a sprint. That's why it's good to try Symprove for at least 3 months, when 94% of people feel the difference.

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