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Each episode deals with a different health and well-being topics such as; anxiety, menopause, and gut health. We host experts from every discipline and answer some of your most frequently asked questions. Meaghers Matters is a straight talking podcast and a place you can come to find reliable and accurate content. Meaghers Matters seeks out experts in their respective fields to address the questions that you really want answered.

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Anxiety with

Caroline Foran

Caroline Foran is the number 1 international bestselling author of Owning It, The Confidence Kit and NAKED: Ten Truths To Change Your Life. As the host of Meaghers Matters and one of Ireland's most respected authorities on anxiety, on this episode Caroline talks us through the tips and tricks that have enabled her to better manage her anxiety. Its worth noting that in addition to being an amazing author, Caroline is also a number 1 podcaster, award-winning journalist and public speaker! If you would like assistance on choosing the right supplement for you to help reduce the symptoms of your anxiety just get in touch with us on or check out this blog post for further details.

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