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4x higher absorption

Nutrients are wrapped in liposomes that are clinically proven to increase absorption by 4x compared to conventional supplements

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Higher absorption, clinically proven

Through multiple studies and clinical trials, we’ve shown thatZooki Liposomal Encapsulationprovides nutrients with...

10x greater protection through the digestive system

4x higher absorption into the bloodstream

New Super Strength Collagen

Available in 2 different strengths - regular and super strength - Zooki has formulated the liquid collagen sachets in a way that maximises results for supporting your skin, hair, nails, joints & bones.

It was even voted "Best All-Round Collagen Supplement" by ExpertReviews' independent panel of experts 3 years running.

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Over 60 million capsules replaced

Join the thousands of people worldwide who are swapping their big capsules, clumpy powders and sickly oils for Zooki

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