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Get the Very Best Vitamins for Stronger Immunity

Get the Very Best Vitamins for Stronger Immunity

It’s long been said in medical circles that 'your health is wealth' and we're strong proponents of that viewpoint here at Meaghers, given our livelihood depends on it! 

This statement rings true because it can prove hugely challenging to go about your daily undertakings when your health is compromised, as many of our readers with an existing health condition can attest to. 

A healthy immune system is critical in ensuring your body functions optimally. To support your immune system, you need to regularly evaluate your daily dietary needs and adapt to change when deficiencies or enhancement opportunities present themselves. 

A balanced, vitamin-rich diet is the first step in boosting your immune system. In addition, you reap many health benefits by being keen on a healthy, active lifestyle. 

How well you balance your food intake will determine how the body responds to health challenges once they arise. 

A complete meal plan in your day should contain different types of beneficial vitamins, minerals, good fats, proteins and carbohydrates. If some of these are lacking, a dietary supplement may be advised. 

With that in mind, let's jump in and discuss the core essentials at the heart of your body's nutrition. 

Healthy Immune System Vitamins 

The onset of the Covid-19 pandemic has made more people health-conscious. As a result, more people are concerned about the effects of what they consume, the food sources, and their role on their immune system. 

You need to balance the various vitamins you consume to boost your body's functionality. 

Some of the vital immune-boosting vitamins include: 

  1. Vitamin C

Also known as ascorbic acid, vitamin C is vital in ensuring that your body is protected  from the presence of harmful pathogens in the system. 

A powerful antioxidant property, Vitamin C helps guard your body against external attacks from the free radicals. 

The concentration of these radicals in the body can lead to respiratory infections such as the common colds and flu. 

By increasing your blood antioxidant capacity, your body is guarded against inflammation. In addition, the anti-inflammatory feature of Vitamin C helps your body curb your immune system threats that could lead to contracting infectious diseases from viruses. 

The C vitamin is found naturally in citrus fruits such as oranges and in berries such as elderberry, which has a high concentration of the C vitamin, standing at 52 Mg per cup. 

Other food sources rich in vitamin C include: 

  • Potatoes 
  • Broccoli 
  • Sweet potatoes 
  • Peppers 
  • Kiwis 

However, you can get enough nutritional value from diet supplements that help protect you from infections. 

A vitamin C product such as Your Zooki Vitamin C  

has properties that put your body in top shape. It boosts cell and tissue growth while at the same time helping you to fight common cold symptoms that mainly affect the upper respiratory system. 

  1. Vitamin E

It is an essential vitamin that helps boost your immune health by aiding your body to build a robust defence mechanism that protects you from getting infected easily and regularly. 

Mainly, this vitamin is known for improving your eyesight and the texture of your skin. So getting enough of this vitamin puts you a step ahead in curbing early ageing, wrinkles, sparse and weak hair. 

Its antiviral properties have made it a common vitamin that people look for in fighting flu symptoms and other upper respiratory system infections. 

Being an antioxidant means, it could play an essential role in protecting your respiratory tract from common respiratory infections by fighting the viruses responsible. 

Rich natural dietary sources containing vitamin E include eggs, cereals, vegetable oils and fruits. There also exist supplements that play similar roles and deliver the same results. 

  1. Vitamin B 6

The vitamin also comes in handy to ensure your body has enough vitamin content to improve your immune response. 

Vitamin B6 helps in the formation of antibodies which are responsible for fighting any infection while at the same time supporting the dissemination of proteins within the body. 

The B6 Vitamin helps the body avoid the risk of diabetes as it helps contain the blood sugar levels at the desirable range. 

Research has shown that vitamin B6 helps make haemoglobin, which is responsible for the colouration and movement of oxygen in the blood to other organs. 

The vitamin also helps in cells formation vital for the nervous system. 

A decline in vitamin B6 in your system can easily lead to the following challenges: 

  • Dry skin 
  • Weakened immune health 
  • Flu 
  • Colds 
  • Mood swings 
  • Fatigue 
  • Pain in the limbs 
  • Low immune cells count 

The vitamin can be found in whole grains, bananas, elderberry, pork, and poultry in foods. It can also be extracted as a supplement that will help protect you from viral infections such as colds and flu. 

Vitamin D The Sunshine Vitamin. 

As covered in our Irish vitamins guide, vitamin D also plays a pivotal role in your overall bodily health, keeping autoimmune diseases and microbial infections at bay, among several other essential benefits. 

Maintaining a natural, steady supply of 'the sunshine vitamin' (via sunlight, good food and supplementation) will help stave off a vitamin D deficiency and keep your immune system firing on all cylinders. 

Vitamin K 

Vitamin K keeps the blood cells flowing smoothly and is a critical connector vitamin commonly used in over-the-counter multivitamin and dietary supplements found here in Ireland. 

Last, but by no means least, vitamin A (also known as retinoid) also has a role to play in boosting your immune health and keeping critical bodily functions such as vision in prime condition. 

Supplements and Immunity 

Lately, vitamin supplementation accounts for a more significant population of people that use them to help the body fight various types of immunodeficiency. 

The manufacturers extract these supplements from the primary sources of vitamins, minerals such as zinc and develop a suitable product as an immune system vitamin. 

The Food Safety Authority of Ireland (FSAI) has a number of stringent rules in place for the addition of vitamins and minerals to any products sold in Ireland. Though it doesn't approve specific products as it's not their mandated function, it regulates, inspects and monitors their manufacturing and importation, with all reputable pharmacies in strict compliance. 

Benefits of Using Supplements to Support Your Immune System 

In addition to promoting your health and wellness, they offer a great option to those who can't access the diet in its complete form as they are: 

  1. Easy to Consume

They come in different forms, such as oral administration via chewable gums and drops; these features enable one to continue with their healthy intake even when away from home or on the move. 

  1. Portable

Supplements are easy to carry around, and you don't have to worry about boosting your immune system even when you are miles away from where you can access your whole foods. 

  1. Comprehensive

The products are simplified instead of having a wide variety of foods that serve a similar function. For instance, a supplement pill could comprise a whole diet formation containing vitamins and minerals such as zinc. 

  1. Healthy

When taken in the proper dosage, a supplement has similar effects on your immune system as the vitamins found in health foods. For instance, a vitamin C supplement will have antiviral properties that will curb a viral infection and reduce the risk of respiratory tract infection. 

Such a supplement will play the same crucial role as elderberry or echinacea that are rich sources of vitamin C, and greatly support the immune system functions 

  1. Easily Absorbed

Supplements take a short time to be absorbed in your system. This makes it easy for you to realise your desired results in record time once you observe the proper dosage.  

In addition, they help support and protect your immunity against free radicals and toxins, enhancing your cellular immunity. 

Examples of the Best Supplements for Stronger Immunity 

There are so many brands in the market today that claim to improve your immunity system health. However, after evaluation, the following are among the best brands for your immune health: 

How to Evaluate the Best Supplements for Stronger Immunity 

Check out for the following when shopping for products to boost your immune function: 

  1. Brand

Go for a known reputable brand. This is one of the parameters we used in recommending the above supplements. 

Well-known brands assure you of their quality and authenticity. But, unfortunately, today's market is flooded with weak brands that have gone heavy on marketing to entice unsuspecting clients, only for them to show a poor immune response. 

  1. Ingredients

Ensure what you are looking for is what is contained in the supplement. In this case, you aim to improve your immunity; the product you choose should be meant for exactly that. 

For instance, you want a Vitamin C supplement to reduce the common cold frequency. Verify from the packaging or even call the manufacturers, check for online reviews to be sure that what you are looking for is what you buy. 

  1. Dosage

It would be best if you talked to a medical practitioner before going for the products to advise you on the way forward in terms of dosage. 

Excess consumption of the supplements can be toxic and may have side effects. In addition, some of these products are sweet and chewable, and they can be tempting to overdose. Take caution. 

  1. Availability

Go for products that are easily accessible. You don't want to stop your dosage halfway for the lack of products in the market. 

  1. Price

A good product doesn't have to cost an arm and a leg. The recommended ones above are fairly priced and affordable to ensure that you can afford a full dose as recommended. 

The Meaghers Verdict on Immunity-Boosting Vitamins 

The critical importance of the role of vitamins in your immune system can not be over-emphasised. Whether you choose to have the nutrients as whole foods or as supplements means you are supporting your system to fight the risk of new infections. 

The respiratory tract, in particular, is a sensitive organ in your system, and frequent cold symptoms could affect its overall performance in the future. 

In the event of an injury, the antiviral effects of vitamins come in handy in assisting in the fast growth of the immune system cells and tissues that speed recovery. They also help in curbing excessive bleeding in case of a tissue injury. 

Research has shown that healthy individuals are happier individuals, endeavour to monitor your diet intake and fill the missing gaps with the recommended products for a healthier and happier you. 

Contact Us to Discuss Your Immune System's Vitamin Needs 

We’re confident this guide has informed you of the great immune-boosting properties of the most popular vitamin supplement products stocked in Irish pharmacies. 

As always, we advise all of our customers to seek expert medical advice before taking any new vitamins and to educate themselves fully before deciding on the best course of action. If you need to chat, we're here for you. 

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