About the gut


Did you know that one of the keys to good digestive health is directly related to how balanced the bacteria in your gut is? In fact, inside a typical intestine billions of active bacteria work together in a special symbiotic relationship to both maintain general health, as well as basic physiological processes such as breaking down food.

Of course, the mix of this bacteria is unique to each and every person and no two people, including even identical twins, actually share the same microbial makeup. Furthermore, research shows that this balance of bacteria is established at a very early age and actually remains similar throughout your life.

Maintaining a healthy balance of bacteria

In today’s fast-paced environment it’s easy to disrupt the balance of bacteria in the gut with an irregular diet, a course of antibiotics, or just the general stresses of everyday life. Thankfully, taking a multi-strain, live and active bacteria can help support a healthy balance of bacteria in your gut and this is where Symprove comes in.

Discover more about Symprove’s unique formula and how it can help improve or maintain the balance of bacteria in your gut:

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