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Live bacteria for gut support

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Symprove is a gut supplement rooted in science and raved about by thousands. Its billions of bacteria are delivered via a tasty morning shot. Arriving alive, they work to balance your microbiome and give you a good gut feeling!

- Independently researched

- Reaches the gut alive

- Vegan, gluten & dairy free

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The difference is science

Unlike powders and dairy-based supplements Symprove is water-based. The science is clear. Water won’t trigger digestion so the good bugs in Symprove can reach your gut alive – and thrive there.

Want to learn more about the amazing microbiome and the large independent trials Symprove have been part of

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Start your Symprove Journey with the 12 week programme

Like all dietary changes, your body needs time to adjust to Symprove so we recommend you commit to at least 12 weeks. We have made this easier for you with our 12 week programme offer. When
you purchase 8 weeks of Symprove, you receive the final 4 weeks absolutely free
to complete the recommended 12 week journey.

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