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Redefine your potential.


All the gains

Helping your body rebuild, but better.

Give your body the support it needs and optimise your recovery and rehabilitation at the tap of a button. Whenever you need it.

Wherever you are. Whether you have sore muscles from an intense workout, an inflamed joint, or a broken bone, NuroKor wearable technology influences the body’s natural processes to optimise recovery and rehabilitation and promote healing.

Recover, Rehabilitate, Heal.

Target the areas you need.

No matter whether you use NuroKor's technology for recovery from an injury or exercise, you can be confident that you are targeting only the areas that need help.

The unique therapeutic electrical currents are delivered with conductive pads that you place where they are needed. You can also use some of our accessories, such as the KorGlov, KorShoe and KorBand to more effectively target specific body parts.

Highly Effective

Tailored to you

Health and pain are not one-size-fits-all kinds of problems. Specialisation and personalisation are the keys to the best results in all areas of life - every lock has a different key, so why use the same treatment for every type of pain?

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Physical therapy anywhere.

Tackle pain and loosen stiff or sore muscles and joints so you can walk without wincing after a workout

The recovery period is when performance gains are made - optimising it maximises your improvement

Helps rehabilitation after injury. One professional player was back on the pitch 2 months ahead of schedule

Easily customise your recovery thanks to multiple treatment programmes and adjustable settings

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Recover. Rehabilitate. Heal.

Electrical currents are essential for many of our bodies’ vital processes. When we’re injured or tired, these electrical currents can be disrupted from their usual way of operating. NuroKor's revolutionary technology works on this principle, mimicking the body’s natural signals to help it continue functioning as it should.

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