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Your device is not charging?

Check the USB cable is connected.

Your device is not turning on?

Check the device is fully charged. Ensure you are pressing and holding the power button until
the device turns on.

Why is there no wall plug?

There is a USB cable provided with the mitouch device. This can be plugged into any computer
or charging station/plug in order to charge the device.

The device turns off after 20 minutes?

The device is pre-set to run for 20 minutes but there is the option to change this. Touch the top
left number on the screen to increase the time by 10 minute increments.

How can I tell if the mitouch is fully charged?

The battery symbol top right will show when the battery is fully charged.

How long does the battery charge last for?

Average use time is 15 hours depending on intensity used

How long does it take to recharge the battery?

You will be able to charge the battery in less than one hour

Where should I place the pads?

When using Pain, Pain+, Recover or Perform modes please refer to the Treatment Guide you
received with your device. As a starting point position the pads around or on the pain point or
area of discomfort and as shown in the guide for longer muscle groups. Ensure you maintain a
minimum 20-50 mm between pads. When using the MC2 mode, again refer to the Treatment
Guide, but as a general rule you should start out treating a wide area around the site

How often do I need to replace the pads?

The pads are designed to last for 30-60 applications.

How do I keep the pads after using them?

Ensure the device is turned off .Remove the pads after use slowly and carefully with wet
fingertips. Apply a few drops of water to the black side of the pad and wet the surface. Replace
the plastic film to the pad to store for next use.

One pad feels stronger than the other?

It is normal in use to feel different sensations. Body response in particular areas varies
according to a wide range of factors and can even change day to day. It is not physically
possible for one pad to have stronger output as they are part of the same complete circuit from
the body

I still can’t feel anything even though I have turned up the intensity

Please ensure you are using the correct button to turn up the intensity level. The button for Port
A is on the left side of the device and the button for Port B is on the right side of the device. Also
please note that the intensity for the MC2 mode is pre set and is sub-sensory meaning that it
can’t be felt. Find out more about microcurrent and how it works here (insert hyperlink).

Weakened sensation or skin irritated.

Replace pads and ensure you place the pads in different places. Do not place the pads over any
irritated skin.

Are there any side effects?

Bioelectricity is body-natural and operates at extremely low levels. For most people, if used in
accordance with the instructions, and contraindications, mitouch is safe with very low incidence
of any side effects. When compared to drug therapy the device has very few side effects. A
small percentage of users (approx 2-3%) may have an allergic reaction to the pads. Over-use of
the device in Pain, Pain+, Perform and Recover modes can lead to soreness. Setting the
intensity too high will cause discomfort.

How quickly will I see results?

Pain & Pain+ modes
Your mitouch is fast acting for acute pain. For chronic pain, use for periods up to 60 minutes, 2
to 3 times daily for the first 10 days and as required thereafter.
Recover mode
Use as required for aches, strains and general muscle soreness. Muscular soreness: feel benefits from as little as 10 mins use. Recovery: optimum results in 30-60 mins.
MC2 mode
The recommended protocols usually take 15 minutes but these can be longer for people who have severe or multiple conditions. Some difficult cases like Fibromyalgia may require an hour or even several hours of treatment daily. In rare cases it could take 3 weeks of daily treatment to produce a significant cumulative effect. Other current or seemingly resolved problems, previous injuries and scars may cause subtle electrical blocks and may need treatment along with the
main complaint, even if only for 5-10 mins each. The entire body is an electrical circuit so results
vary according to our overall health and condition as well as how well hydrated we are (together with how well we follow instructions!)

Can I safely use the device for more than 20 minutes?

You can use it for longer but we suggest you change the pad placement after each 20 minute
session. You may want to spread treatments throughout the day. Treatment using PNS or NMS
for a long time or at an intensity too high may cause soreness. It is safe to use MC2 mode for an
hour or longer providing you maintain a good level of hydration.

What intensity should I use?

For Pain and Pain+ modes please adjust to a level comfortably tolerated.
For Recover mode please adjust to pleasant massage sensation for both pain or recovery use.
For Perform mode please adjust to a level comfortably tolerated and according to the outcome
you are wishing to achieve.
If soreness is experienced after any treatment, lower the intensity setting of future treatments.

Which modes should I use?

Please refer to the User guide and Treatment guide you received with your mitouch explaining
what each mode is suitable for.

How do I use Port A and Port B

You can choose to just use one port, i.e. two pads OR two ports which will give you 4 pads. If
you choose to use only one port you can use either, however, please note that the buttons to
turn up the intensity level are on the left for Port A and the right for Port B.

The bars are not radiating out when I choose the MC2 mode.

You need to have a good connection through the pads to the skin. If the pads have lost some of their stickiness this may reduce your connection. Remembering to store your pads with a little
bit of water on them and the plastic film placed over them when not in use extends their life. If this does not help consider using a new pair of pads. If you are sure the pads are making a
good connection but the bars are still not radiating - you are still receiving microcurrent. The
load sensor may not be able to confirm the connection for a number of reasons. It is designed more as a check to confirm pads have not come off.

Which accessories can I use with the mitouch?

The mitouch can be used successfully with all the available accessories including KorBand,
KorGlov and KorShoe.

I have damaged my screen - can I get it repaired?

We offer a screen exchange service at a cost of €75 Please email for further

Can I use the device if I have a pacemaker or suffer from a heart condition?

The use of electrotherapy is not suitable and should NOT be used by individuals with a cardiac
pacemaker, implantable defibrillator or any other implantable electrical device such as a cochlear hearing device. Neither is it suitable for anyone with a suspected or diagnosed heart condition, heart disease or cardiac disorder.

Can I use the device if I suffer from cancer?

The use of electrotherapy may not be suitable for individuals with cancer and should only be
used under the recommendation and strict guidance of a relevant medical professional.

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