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My Favorite Training Partner - Revive Active

My Favorite Training Partner - Revive Active

I began taking Revive Active nearly two years ago after receiving some sample sachets at a Health and fitness expo. I won’t lie I’ve always been somewhat skeptical of multi vitamins because I have always been told in the past that you don’t get optimal amounts of each Vitamin in them and in my defense that’s what the majority of major brands were doing especially the cheaper ones. They freeze dry and cram as many micro amounts of vitamins in as they can often destroying them in the process and then fill the tablets with caking agents and fillers. However, Revive has completely changed my outlook.

I believe that that we should get macro (carbs, fats proteins) and micro (vit & minerals) nutrients from the food we eat whenever we can. I try to do this as much as I can and then “supplement” where I know I am not getting sufficient minerals. Due to a hectic work schedule etc. getting the full spectrum of vitamins from food can be difficult in today’s modern world where people have extremely busy lifestyles. This is when supplementation needs to occur in order to reach health goals. Supplement the word itself means to add or enhance something therefore it should never completly REPLACE it. We cannot out smart nature, so Food needs to be first port of call and then supplement around it.

I am a nerd when it comes to food and supplements, so I always research any product before I take it after all it is going into my body. I love the story behind Revive Active and their passion and belief in making people's health and lives better. Revive Active is an Irish brand consisting of a team of scientists, doctors and nutritionists most of whom I’ve been lucky enough to have met and all dedicated to making food supplements that actually work.

Why do I take Revive Active?

As I mentioned before I will always choose food as my preferred method for Vitamim / mineral supply however even if I am getting as much as possible from food, I am still not getting everything I need. Vitamins found in food are highly affected by storage and cooking where they can be reduced or destroyed. Cutting veg too small, using blunt knives will destroy the fiber. Leaving them in water will allow water soluble vitamins like Vitamin C and B to leak out, the same can be said for fat soluble vitamins like Vit A and K which can be releases when cooked in oils.

I lead an incredibly active lifestyle, I am always on the go, very early morning starts to late evenings so getting my vitamins in to fuel my body and ensure it stays functional, is high on my priority list. I need fast, convenient yet impactful supplements and I am extremely fussy what I will take and support.

That’s exactly what Revive gives me.


 Revive Active


What products in the range do I take and why?

I began my Revive journey taking the original Revive active product (the green box). It contains 26 active ingredients full of minerals, aminos and vitamins all in one convenient sachet. I really love this product because it aids and matches my life as a trainer and my fitness goals massively. I put my body through A LOT on a daily basis especially when I am training. When I train, I need energy to get through my session a side kick to help my body recover and repair. It is because of this that two ingredients in Revive caught my eye immediately as a trainer and why I believe Revive is the ULTIMATE gym partner and they are D- Ribose and the special 6 x B vit combo. Here’s why.

Two other reasons I take Revive and look after what I eat is to look after my immune system and my heart.

There is a history of heart disease in my family so I made a conscious decision when I was younger that I would do everything in my power to give myself a fighting chance, and so began my love of clean eating and fitness. I know that the amino acids L- Argine & L- Citraline are vital for heart health and can be found in red meats, poultry, dairy, fish and seeds, so I try have my meals contain as many of these as possible however with a hectic life it can be hard so this is where taking a sachet of Revive Active helps me.

L- Argine is also extremely important when you train as it synthesizes nitric oxide and helps your blood vessels relax and expand regulating your blood flow. It can aid in your workout performance. It is made by the body but taking it as a supplement helps athletes and avid gym goers. It can contribute to muscle growth because of the synthesis of protein. Also, the decrease in blood pressure and subsequent incase in blood flow to muscles during your workout means that oxygen and nutrients are adequately supplied to your muscles helping reduce muscle damage, promote healing and help you reach peak performance.

My immune system health is extremely important to me, working in a gym environment aka a germs breeding ground and the general public mixed with very long days, tiredness and then my own hard training sessions my immune system can take quite the bashing. I cannot afford to get sick with a physical job. Again, I try get as many anti-oxidants and immune boosting nutrients in my food but when I can I know Revive Active’s mix of anti-oxidants like Vit C and their B complex will help me fight off nasty bugs and infections especially coming into the winter months.

This really is a wonder supplement and although it is more expensive than others on the market, in my opinion it is well worth the investment in your health.

Jenni x

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