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Why Continue to take Symprove?

Why Continue to take Symprove?


In my previous blogs i have discussed why a healthy gut is so important to me and why i love taking symprove to improve my gut health. But i have long finished the 12 week programme so why do i continue to maintain my symprove dose?

Why continue to take the product if we both have healthy guts is something, I get asked all the time, again the answer is simple, because it makes me feel good inside and outside so why stop something that adds life to your day? It’s just part of our daily routine now, the same as brushing our teeth. It comes everywhere with us, road trips, camping in the middle of now where, I even bring sample sizes with me in my gym bag always.

So why stop doing something that makes you feel better? It’s about changing how you look at things, why wait until you feel bad or suffer the side effects of not feeling well to do something about it when there is a simple and easy solution to maintaining and improving your health and quality of life? It’s very expensive is another comment that pops up. Well that depends on what you deem expensive and what value you place of your health. I'd personally rather look after my health than spend the money of gym clothes to look good on the outside, look after your insides first. If you think about it logically, the cost of a bottle of Symprove works out the same as a cup of coffee every day, half the price of a new set of nails and a heck of a lot cheaper than a doctor or hospital visit. I will always invest in my health; I am careful what I put into my body and supplements are no different, after all you are putting them in your body. It is all about perspective and the value we place on things. The same as the hours in a day we all have the exact same 24/7, we choose what we give relevance to. There is also time to do things that make your health better.


Tyler and I are both personal trainers, and when we are not coaching our clients, we are training ourselves, usually extremely hard putting our bodies through a lot on a daily basis. Ty competes in CrossFit at a high level, and he needs his body to recover as fast as possible in between sessions. This goes for anyone who partakes in any sort of physical training, be it a professional athlete or novice gym goer as it can influence immune function, health and therefore ultimately exercise performance. Ty specialises in sports performance and has worked with some of the best athletes in the world and he knows that even the top sports people in the world cannot out perform an unhealthy inside.

So whether you play GAA for your local team, your 5 a side weekend soccer team, are an aspiring young sports star of the future, training for your first marathon, triathlon, iron man, spartan race or simply just trying to add training & exercise into your daily routine below are just some of the many reasons why adding in a live bacteria product such as Symprove will affect your performance and goals. These are all courtesy of the Symprove research archives.


  • A healthy gut flora can defend against pathogens (anything that can produce a disease)

Recurrent cases of infection and compromised immune systems lead to early fatigue which can affect the performance of even well-trained athletes. A major function of the gut microbiota is protection against colonization by pathogens.

  • A healthy gut flora can improve nutritional status

Athletes can suffer from instances of quick fatigue often because they become deprived of essential nutrients under conditions of excessive work. Emerging evidence suggests the gut microbiota may be important in the regulation of glucose and energy production via complex interactions.

  • A healthy gut flora can improve immune function

Periods of intensified physical training have been shown to severely depress our immune function, with leukocyte functions measured at rest still depressed 24 hours after the last exercise session. Leukocytes are cells that circulate the blood and counteract foreign substances and diseases. Several studies have shown that symptoms of upper respiratory tract illness are increased in the days following prolonged strenuous endurance events, this is thought to be due to the temporary exercise-induced depression of immune function. Accumulating evidence indicates that gut microbiota interacts with the immune system, and plays a pivotal role in the maintenance of gut immunity.

  • A healthy gut flora can help overcome stress and anxiety

While a certain level of stress may help sports people prepare and perform at optimal levels, too much stress can be detrimental and lead to performance anxiety. Beneficial gut bacteria can alleviate symptoms of stress and anxiety and could have an impact on the nervous system

  • A healthy gut flora can protect against oxidative stress caused by exercise

Current data suggest that there is a higher level of protein oxidation in individuals performing permanent physical exercise training. Results from a recent study have demonstrated that intense physical activity induces oxidative stress and that supplementation with probiotics can increase plasma antioxidant levels.

  • A healthy gut flora can reduce leaky gut syndrome.

One of the side effects of exercise is that it causes the cells lining the intestinal wall to pull apart allowing substances from the gastrointestinal tract to leak into the bloodstream. This can trigger various problems, including mid-workout bowel movements (we’ve all been there).

Recent research suggests that probiotics can help correct the problem; a study analysed blood samples from trained cyclists before and after intense exercise and found significantly fewer instances of leakage in athletes who had taken probiotics.

I hope that after reading this blog entry you are a little wiser on the functions of your gut, and how incredible Symprove truly is. However, it’s the people behind the product Barry & the team that make this product special, they are beyond passionate and it was born from a want to make people’s lives better. The same for Oonagh & the Meaghers family who had the vision to be the first in Ireland to stock it. I’m super proud to be an ambassador for such two powerful and life changing brands.

Jenni x

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