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How To Start 2024 At Your Own Pace

How To Start 2024 At Your Own Pace

The beginning of a new year is seen as a great time to make positive changes, be that in terms of fitness, health or general lifestyle. January is an excellent time to start working toward new goals and start the year off as you intend to go on. However, we are all in different places in our lives, with unique challenges and lifestyles, so making these big sweeping changes towards a healthier lifestyle can be easier said than done.

Start 2024 at your own pace by making small, manageable changes to your lifestyle that will help you achieve the long term goals you have set for the year ahead. Follow our guide below where we outline our tips on creating some healthy habits that will help you achieve your goals for the year ahead.

Find ways to get active

At the start of a new year, it is very common to put a focus on improving your physical health. Physical activity is essential for a healthy life, and is a great way to improve your mood and reduce stress. Consider the amount of physical activity you currently do and look at ways you can increase your movement throughout the day. Why not try to squeeze in a few extra dog walks throughout your week? Or perhaps you could make that 2 minute drive a 10 minute walk to the corner shop? Think about the ways you can add a bit more movement into your routine, then once you have a regular exercise routine, you can build on it. We are all different so it is important to find ways to exercise that work for you.

With all this additional movement, it is important to consider your energy levels, especially when trying to juggle a busy schedule. You may want to try an energy boosting supplement like Revive Zest Active to help you manage the increase in movement. The B vitamins in Zest Active contribute to the reduction of tiredness and fatigue. If you are over the age of 35, you may also consider Revive Active, as it contains additional ingredients to help support the health of your heart as you age. When trying to balance everyday life, taking care of your family and working, the stress you experience can affect your immune system with an increased risk of illnesses such as upper respiratory tract infection. That’s why Revive Active contains Wellmune Beta 1,3 /1,6 Glucans which is a beta gluten that helps the immune system as well.

Revive Active

Eat the rainbow

It is important to consider the health of your gut and the type of food you eat everyday. While you might think improving your diet means dumping everything out of your fridge and starting fresh, you would be surprised at the slight changes that make a big difference. One way to improve your diet is to consider the variety of foods you eat and find ways to substitute alternative fruit and veg onto your plate. If you find your plate is filled with green vegetables, consider adding some colour in there such as carrots, beets or tomatoes to create some variety. What is so great about diversifying your intake of fruit and veg, is that there is such a wide variety to choose from that you are sure to find something to suit whatever meal you're putting together.

So you might be asking, why are we making our plate so colourful? It's because plants contain phytonutrients, which gives them their colour. These different coloured plants are linked to higher levels of specific nutrients which can lead to health benefits such as immune support, a lower risk of cancer or heart disease and improved brain function.

Along with this, the variety of healthy bacteria found in fruit and veg also helps to support the gut microbiome. Supporting your gut health can improve various aspects of your overall health, including your skin, mood and brain function, not to mention the benefits it can have on your digestive health. Consider incorporating a gut health supplement like Symprove into your daily routine. Simply start each day with a 70ml shot of Symprove at least 10 minutes before eating and drinking and you will soon see the benefits a healthy balanced gut can bring to your overall health. If you combine Symprove with a more varied diet of fruit, veg and even nuts or fermented foods like kefir or sauerkraut, you will see great benefit to your overall health.

Symprove 12 - Week Programme

Invest in yourself

You may have decided that 2024 is the year you put a focus on the health of your skin. If you are trying to keep your skin looking young and feeling hydrated, you may consider trying a collagen supplement like Zooki Collagen. Zooki Collagen is a highly effective hydrolysed marine collagen that comes in a liposomal sachet for optimal absorption. It contributes to natural collagen formation for the normal function of skin, cartilage, bones, gums and teeth. It’s a daily supplement that can easily be taken on the go, added to water, or mixed with yoghurt, porridge, granola and more.

Zooki Collagen

Learn the value of switching off

Managing your stress levels is no easy feat, especially with a busy schedule. Finding time to switch off and de-stress can be a challenge, but decreasing your levels of stress can have massive benefits to your overall health. You may consider setting time aside in the evening before you head to bed to allow yourself to switch off and wind down. Put the phone away to limit your screen time and have a warm bath to relax before you go to bed, you’ll find yourself a lot more comfortable when trying to fall asleep. The Spacemasks Self Heating Eye Masks are one of our top recommendations when it comes to relaxation; they are infused with jasmine and will help you drift off to sleep in no time at all.

If you are finding yourself fatigued and it is starting to affect your mental performance throughout the day, you could try a health supplement such as fabÜ R&R Relax. fabÜ R&R Relax is a unique health supplement that aids mental performance, reduces fatigue, and helps to support the nervous system and psychological function. Simply taking two of these capsules at night or one capsule twice daily, can have massive benefits to your productivity and energy levels.

fabÜ R&R Relax
When it comes to hitting your health goals in 2024 remember to take it step by step, at your own pace. If you are looking for advice on how you can better support your health, speak to a member of our expert team today.

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