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Back To School Skincare Routine

Back To School Skincare Routine

4 Skincare Habits to Set a Routine for Healthy Skin

Its that time of year again when we are all thinking about the end of the summer holidays and setting a routine for going back to school or to college.

If you have a child or a teen who is returning to the classroom this September you may be keen to start as you mean to go on and set a solid routine for their sleep schedule, play time and eating patterns. This is an ideal time to set new healthy habits for your child or teen, eating right, getting adequate time outdoors and sleep are all really important for the overall health and wellbeing of your child. Now is a great time to set a new skincare routine to help them manage their skin health into the future, instill good habits and overall improve their confidence and self esteem.

Skincare in teens and pre-teens does not need to be complicated, really its about managing the changes that are happening in their skin, keeping the skin healthy and protected and avoiding issues in the future. A gentle skin care routine can help prevent all those classroom skin concerns, and in the future common skin health concerns. Here I have set a number of golden rules that will help them with their school routine and the products that may help.

1. Cleansing twice a day

The key to clear and healthy skin begins with a good cleansing routine, it is so important for teens and pre-teens to cleanse twice a day, encourage them to think about their facial cleanser as keeping their skin clean just as toothpaste keeps the teeth clean. Setting a school skin care routine helps them refresh their skin after a long day or before their day starts. Doing so can help remove dirt, oil and impurities that have accumulated onto the skin throughout the day and the dead skin cells and sweat from night time, before they have a chance to wreak havoc causing dehydrated, reactive and acne-prone skin. 

When choosing a cleanser stick with a non fragranced, simple and kind cleanser, one from a dermo cosmetics brand that is gentle on the skin and wont break the bank! Here are some of my top effective cleansers for teens and pre-teens depending on skin type.

For Normal/Dry Skin

Cerave Hydrating Cleanser will remove impurities and soften the skin while maintaining the moisture level for dry skin, ceramides help keep the skin healthy and strong even for sensitive skin.

For Oily and Blackhead prone skin

Choose a gentle yet astringent cleanser for oily skin that will balance the oil production in the skin, help keep the pores clear and tackle any little blockages and blemishes, my go to is the Effaclar wash from La roche posay

2. Target blemishes as they occur

If your Teen or Pre-Teen is suffering from blocked pores and breakouts its important to treat the skin gently, reassure them that spots are normal, we all get them at some time through our lives and they can be managed. I recommend using an on the spot treatment on isolated areas of breakouts rather than applying harsh ingredients all over the skin where they may do more harm than good! Some of my top recommendations are on the spot treatments and products that can double up as a skin toner using a cotton pad. 

3. Keep the moisture balanced

After cleansing the skin, adding moisture back and keeping the skin hydrated is essential. Using a daily moisturiser will help keep the skins protective barrier in tact and keep the skin soft, supple and healthy. It is important for young skin not to use a very heavy rich formula and instead opt for an oil free lotion or a lightweight gel for Baby-Soft skin. Look for ingredients like hyaluronic acid in moisturisers and skin treatments to add extra hydration in the morning before school. 

4. Protect the skin from the environment

The sun never takes a break during the day, and neither should your defence against it. Protecting against sun exposure is an essential part of every skin care regimen. Wearing a broad-spectrum sunscreen daily is the single best thing you can encourage your teen or Pre-teen to do for the health of their skin, to avoid issues with the skin now or in the future. Invest in a broad spectrum lightweight formula that they will enjoy using to ensure they form the healthy habit of daily SPF. Apply onto all exposed areas of skin before heading outdoors, by a window or anywhere where the sun hits. There are many formulas on the market including those containing mineral and chemical sunscreen filters, formulas that will give a boost of hydration or infuse the skin with moisture. Many new formulas do not create a white cast and are suitable for delicate skin or even those with Acne Prone or sensitive skin. 



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