YourZooki Tumeric Micellar Curcumin

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YourZooki Micellar Curcumin contains 750mg of active turmeric with curcumin wrapped in “micelles”. Turmeric Zooki allows you to enjoy all the benefits of a turmeric curcumin supplement by ensuring the body can easily absorb it.

Encapsulated inside tiny bubble-like “micelles” made up of a single layer of essential phospholipids, Turmeric Zooki is water-soluble for ultimate absorption and easily transported around the body, resulting in a convenient and extremely effective Turmeric supplement.

Turmeric Zooki is packed with full spectrum curcumin, the active compound found within Turmeric; Turmeric Zooki is a powerful antioxidant supplement that helps support the body in its fight against cell-damaging free radicals and environmental aggressors.

Turmeric benefits:

  • Provides powerful antioxidant protection
  • Contains active curcumin to reduce inflammation
  • Helps brain function
  • May reduce risks of cardiovascular disease
  • May improve joint mobility & reduce joint pain
  • Dairy-free, sugar-free, gluten-free and soy-free
  • 100% plant-based - suitable for Vegans
Each sachet of Turmeric Zooki contains 750mg of active curcumin wrapped in "micelles". This water-soluble alternative to typical turmeric shots is easier for the body to absorb and we've added natural tangerine oils to provide a delicious, refreshing flavour.

Directions for use

You can take Turmeric Zooki straight from the sachet, mixed into water, or added to smoothies, shakes, yoghurt, porridge and more... it's entirely up to you! Take one sachet each day but make sure not to get any on your clothes - Turmeric will stain most materials!

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