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Developed especially for babies and children, this probiotic supplement contains a unique blend of 3 of the most scientifically researched strains for children from birth to 12 years, as well as prebiotic FOS and added vitamin D3. These strains have been shown to support digestive and immune health and wellbeing.


  • Highly researched – contains three high-quality probiotic strains, including L. rhamnosus GG, the most scientifically studied strain in the world
  • Expertly formulated children’s probiotic – suitable for use from birth to 12 years, with strains of probiotic bacteria natural to the infant gut
  • Gut and immune support – clinically trialled in thousands of infants and toddlers, and shown to support children’s digestive and immune health
  • Scientifically proven – shown to survive stomach acidity and reach the gut alive
  • With prebiotics and Vitamin D3 – contains added prebiotic FOS to increase natural gut bacteria and Vitamin D3 to maintain immune health
  • A more natural option – vegetarian and gluten free, and absolutely no added sugars, artificial flavors or colors
  • Easy to use – comes in a flavorless powder format that can be taken alone or mixed into cool, non-acidic food or drinks. No refrigeration necessary
  • Most trusted by parents – Optibac Probiotics is the probiotic brand most trusted by parents/mums, as determined in an independent survey of 1000 people across the UK
  • Best taken with a meal, preferably with breakfast.
  • Simply mix with your child's favorite foods or drinks - sprinkle the powder over cereal, mix in with yogurt or dissolve in water or cold milk.
  • Can be taken with formula milk - simply add to the bottle once it has cooled down to room temperature (as heat reduces the viability of natural bacteria).
  • For breastfed babies, powder can be applied to nipple or clean finger for baby to suckle.

Recommended amount

  • Give one sachet daily.
  • If desired or professionally directed, can be increased to 2 sachets a day.

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