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5 Signs Your Skin May need a Reset

5 Signs Your Skin May need a Reset

This January you may feel the need to reset and renew your skincare routine. Really what impacts our skin more than anything is changes in our environment, diet, stress levels and our general lifestyles. So, the impact of Christmas and the pandemic might be showing in your skin. Our skin is a wonderful organ that reacts in ways that can offer us clues as to how to adapt our skin care routine and reset with a regimen that better supports our skin’s current needs, rather than what used to work

Here are some of the ways in which your skin may be reacting and our top products to help you reset your skin during this January lockdown.


  1. Acne breakouts or increased numbers of blackheads

 As stress levels increase in the body the stress hormone cortisol is released, the release of cortisol can also increase the sebaceous activity in the skin. An increased production of sebum could lead to breakouts, excess shine and blockages in pores.

 One of my top tips to clear any congestion of the skin is with a clay mask, clay will act as a drawing agent clearing pores of congestion. However, I would caution using extremely astringent products on mature skin. So, if you are also concerned with tightness and dryness opt for a mask that will nourish and deep cleanse the skin

 2. Increased Dryness or Flaking


As we get older our skins natural hydration levels decrease, this may be because our natural barrier layer may be impaired or because of the impact of UV light, hormones or harsh weather conditions. In the past perhaps a light level moisturiser may have been sufficient it may be a good time to introduce a serum or richer moisturiser to aid the moisture levels.  For those experiencing flaking, cut any alcohol- or acid-based products from your skin care regimen and avoid very active ingredients, as some may cause further dryness when your skin tries to balance itself out. Hyaluronic acid and ceramides are also two hero ingredients for boosting skin’s moisture levels.

3. Increased number of freckles


While you may be applying SPF on the daily, new freckles may be a sign that your sun protection routine needs an overhaul. With 80% of visible skin aging being caused by sun damage, UV rays are the main culprit behind the appearance of new freckles and hyperpigmentation. While a moisturizer containing SPF may be adequate for days when you’re simply outside for a few moments between home and work, a dedicated broad spectrum sunscreen is absolutly essential for those daily walks or for any extended time outside.

4. Dullness and uneven skin tone

To tackle any uneven skintone, blemishes, agespots or general dullness of the skin a skin peel may be the solution for you. Used once a week a potent Alpha Hydroxy Acid peel will help your skin shed a layer of dull, damaged skincells and increase the exfoliation process to bring forward a fresh, glowing complexion in 4 weeks. 

When dealing with dullness an antioxidant serum and supplement will help protect those new fresh skincells and improve the glow of your skin.


5.Increased Sensitivity

Stressed-out skin can become red, inflamed, dehydrated, itchy, and tight, all of which weakens the skin’s lipid barrier, which is essentially your natural defense shield. If your defense shield is down irritants can get in meaning that the cycle will continue until the skin is strengthened. No matter the concern you are dealing with be that acne, dryness or the signs of aging Skin sensitivity should be treated first and before all else. So, look for ranges that help with caring for the skin, respecting the PH of the skin and working alongside active ingredients.

Some of the products that will help with the damaged skin barrier, irritants and redness will contain calming ingredients, anti-oxidants and nourishing omegas. You can help your skin from the inside and the outside with a supplement and a topical solution.



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