Seoulista Silky Locks Hair Wrap

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Silky Locks™ is innovatively designed using microfibre suede, a smoothing material which quickly and gently dries hair while protecting it from the damaging effects of friction, including breakage, thinning, frizz and split ends.

This lightweight and ultra-gentle hair wrap is kind to hair and, unlike traditional towelling which can weigh heavy on your head, it stops dragging at the roots to keep hair smooth and intact. The hands-free design makes it convenient for multi-tasking – simply secure over your head and continue your getting-ready routine.

Made of a rapid-dry material, each square inch holds close to 200,000 fibres to reduce drying time and preserve hair’s natural health by minimising friction and breakage. Hair is left stronger and more manageable, with a beautiful silky feel.

 Top Tips

  • Hang up after use for quick drying
  • Apply an instant facial to your skin while you wait
  • Portable and fast-drying, perfect for the gym and travel
  • Use alongside Glossy Locks™ Hair Mask for optimal results

Lean forward and squeeze excess water from your hair. Place the hair wrap over your head with the button at the back. Ensure all hair is inside the wrap before you twist and secure on your head using the button at the back. When ready, remove and style as normal.

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