Salatac Gel 8G

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Salatac Gel 8G

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Salatac Gel successfully treats warts, verrucas, corns and calluses. It contains two active ingredients; salicylic and lactic acid, which softens the affected area for an easy removal with a pumice stone. It also contains camphor, pyroxylin, ethanol and ethyl which also help to defeat the virus and reduce swelling, so you can get on with your day without any discomfort.

Directions for use

  • For a full list of directions on how to use Salatac Gel please read the enclosed leaflet carefully
  • Use as advised by your doctor. If you have not consulted a doctor apply a thin layer (1 or 2 drops) of the gel to the top of the wart, corn, callus or verruca
  • Do this once daily, at nighttime
  • Allow the gel to dry
  • When applying gel please be careful not to get any gel on your normal skin, as it may be irritated and sore

Important Information

  • Always avoid contact with the eyes, open cuts and grazes and mucous membranes.
  • Do not use this gel on your face, neck, breasts, and anal region, genitals or on your armpits.
  • Do not use on moles.
  • Do not use if you have diabetes or if you have impaired peripheral blood circulation.
  • If your skin becomes irritated please discontinue use.