Manuka Health Antibacterial Wound Honey 30g


Manuka honey has been widely researched and shown to possess unique wound healing properties. This Manuka Wound Honey is made from 100% medical grade Manuka honey, sterilised for safe use on broken skin and open wounds. It spreads easily for optimal wound coverage.

Manuka Wound Honey has powerful antibacterial and wound repair properties to support healing and help prevent scabbing and scarring, while being gentle on the skin.

  • 100% medical grade Manuka Honey
  • Clinically proven wound care
  • Suitable for the whole family

USE MANUKA WOUND HONEY FOR: Cuts, grazes & abrasions, minor burns, skin ulcers, slow healing wounds or diabetic foot ulcer. Simply apply to the cleansed wound area and cover with a clean dressing

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