He-Shi Luxury Velvet Tanning Mitt

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The Luxury Velvet Tanning Mitt takes your fake tan application to streak-free, luxurious levels.

With its ultra-soft velvet surface, the mitt will effortlessly glide over our skin and will help you achieve that flawless, streak-free tan. It's the perfect accessory to your body tan glide and will save you from excessive hand washing as the He-Shi velvet tanning mitt has several features to prevent the tanning lotion from getting where it shouldn't, keeping you stain free.

Inner Waterproof Lining

He Shi's high-quality double-sided tanning mitt has been carefully designed with an inner waterproof lining to create a water-resistant barrier and elasticated wrist to protect your hands from any tanning mishaps.


  • Soft luxury velvet surface for a smooth, streak-free application
  • Inner waterproof lining. Water-resistant, lotion proof barrier prevents any hand staining
  • Anti-slip elastic cuff for easy application plus a snug and secure fit
  • Built-in thumb feature fits like a glove and gives you easy control
  • Suitable for many body tanning applications, keeping you stain-free
  • Handy resealable packaging to keep the tanning mitt useable multiple times

Place your hand inside the luxury velvet tanning mitt for professional results at home. Ensure the elasticated wrist is snug for comfort whilst applying. Pour your tanning product onto the mitt and apply to your skin with circular motions. For a streak-free tanning application, use gentle sweeping movements.

To ensure skin doesn't stain, carefully remove the luxury velvet mitt and wash in warm water, then air dry to preserve it in pristine condition for future use. Grab some hand wash and give your hands a rinse too, and place back in the protective reusable film for your next tanning application.

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