Fybogel Fibre Chews Citrus Flavoured Chewable Tablets 60s

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Fybogel Fibre Chews are tasty citrus flavoured chewable tablets that helps to relieve constipation and maintain regularity.

The tablets are easy to take, and can be chewed or allowed to dissolve in the mouth. Fibre Chews tablets are suitable for over 12+ years and come in a convenient on-the-go tablet format.

Fibre Chews works naturally with the body and uses the ingredient Fibersol -2 (a type of fibre) to help get you back to regularity. It works by retaining water in the stool, and may also help to bulk-up stools, making them easier to pass.

*For constipation relief.

Fybogel Fibre Chews is a medical device. Always read the label. RB-M-91472


  • Gently relieves constipation
  • Helps to maintain regularity*
  • Comes in a tasty chewable citrus flavoured tablet format, that is convenient for on the go.
  • Suitable for over 12+ years
  • Fibre Chews works naturally with the body to relieve constipation.

Adults and children over 12 years of age: 3 tablets in the morning, and 3 tablets in the evening: to a total of 6 tablets per day. The tablets should be chewed or allowed to dissolve in mouth and therefore swallowed. After taking the tablets it is possible to drink water or other drinks (e.g. fruit juice). Please do not take more than 6 tablets a day.

Are Fybogel Chews easy to take?

  • Yes, they can either be chewed or allowed to dissolve in the mouth, and therefore swallowed

What is soluble fibre?

  • Soluble fibre attracts water to form a gel-like material that increases bulk In the stool.

What are Fibre Chews Suitable for?

  • Fibre Chews are a medical device suitable for patients looking for constipation relief, and/or the maintenance of regularity.

Can I take Fybogel Fibre Chews Daily?

Yes you can, The beneficial effects of the product are connected with a regular use of the product. If you are not feeling better after at least 7 days of treatment, consult a GP.


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