Curanail 5% Medicated Nail Lacquer 2.5ml

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Curanail Medicated Nail Lacquer 5% is used to treat fungal infections affecting up to 2 nails and affecting the upper half or sides of the nail. The active substance in Curanail is amorolfine (as hydrochloride) which belongs to a group of medicines known as antifungals.

The active ingredient Amorolfine kills a wide variety of fungi that can cause nail infections. Fungal nail infection is likely to result in discoloured (white, yellow or brown), thick or brittle nails, although their appearance can vary.

  • Anti-fungal Amorolfine at 5%
  • Penetrates the nail
  • Kills the fungus
  • Prevents the fungal infection from spreading
  • Easy to use
  • File down the area of the nail with fungal infection
  • Clean the nail surface using one of the cleaning swabs
  • Apply the nail lacquer over the entire nail surface
  • Allow drying for approximately 3 minutes
  • Repeat every 7 days
  • Treatment may take 6 months for fingernails or 9 months for toenails

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