Breast Angels Silverette Healing Cups

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Sore or cracked nipples from breastfeeding finally alleviated by Breast Angels silverette nursing cups!

Breast Angels Silverette Healing Cups are an innovative product from Italy produced to aid women whilst breastfeeding and have been tried, tested and most importantly proven to work for many years. They help to prevent, protect and heal cracked nipples and heal sore nipples from breastfeeding. Breast Angels have been kept a secret for way too long!

There are many benefits to this wonderful product which include the following:

  • They help to prevent, protect and heal cracked nipples and heal sore nipples whilst breast feeding
  • Pro-healing effect, cracks heal within days
  • No creams or lotions need to be used when using Breast Angels Silverette Cups
  • No chemicals or creams are passed to baby through breastfeeding
  • It has the added benefit of being non-toxic
  • They are extremely hygienic
  • They are an Eco – Friendly product which can be passed onto the next generation

They are every breastfeeding woman’s dream – easy to use and effective, these cups are the must have accessory for all breastfeeding women who want to protect against or alleviate sore nipples from breastfeeding & cracked nipples from breastfeeding.

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