Blank Canvas Brush & Sponge Cleaner- Solid Soap

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Taking care of your brushes mean you’ll maintain the quality of your brushes, avoid bacterial build up which is bad for your brushes and your skin! Makeup building up below the tip of your brush head, generally means you’re misusing your brush and eventually will break down and come away from your brush.


  • Moisten the soap with water.
  • Rub the brush bristles (head only) over the soap and lather.
  • Rinse the brush bristles in lukewarm water until it runs clear.
  • ALWAYS avoid getting the metal part and handle wet.
  • Be careful not to leave soap residue in the centre of a densely packed brush.
  • Reshape your brush and lay at to dry. Wipe the soap of any suds or residue.
  • Natural soap for washing sponges and brushes only. Not suitable for personal or cosmetic use.

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