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Meagher's Pharmacy Pain Clinics with NuroKor Bio-electric Devices

Meaghers Pharmacy are delighted to offer pain clinics within selected stores. The appointment involves a free 30-minute consultation with our specially trained pharmacist reviewing current pain medication and an opportunity to use NuroKor’s bioelectric nerve stimulation technology. 

Please ask one of our pharmacists in store for more information on this service.



Would you like to be able to Treat your pain drug-free??

Whether you’re in chronic pain, recovering from surgery, wanting to speed up your physical rehab or get back to full mobility faster, or whether you are an athlete looking for natural ways to recover faster, increase your strength and performance, Meaghers Pharmacy can offer solutions for you.

Free yourself from pain with our range of treatments and management for sports injuries and chronic pain, using our selection of Nurokor Ultrawearable devices. These devices use bio-electric nerve stimulation technology to manage pain, regenerate, and repair, as well as reduce inflammation and recovery time. 

We can offer effective pain relief treatment for joints, sprains, strains and bruises, as well as minor sports injuries. These devices can also aid in physical performance and has the potential to reduce inflammation through improving circulation.

How does it work?

Does your pain keep you from doing the things that you love to do? Are you having a hard time sleeping comfortably because of the incessant pain? Sick and tired of trying alternative treatments and continuously taking medications that just don’t seem to work? 

You can finally be pain-free, and you don’t have to rely on high doses of painkillers to manage your pain.

Using breakthrough bio-electrical medical and treatment therapy, NuroKor can offer you a life free from pain as well as help enhance your performance and recovery. 

Our specially trained pharmacists look forward to meeting with you to discuss your current pain management and subsequently offering you a blended or completely drug free approach to treating your pain.

Contra Indications to use of NuroKor Devices:

The use of Electrotherapy is not suitable and should NOT be used by individuals if any of the following contraindications apply.

Please ask your pharmacist for advice before booking if you have any of the following Contra Indications. 

  • A cardiac pacemaker, implantable defibrillator or any other implantable electrical device such as a cochlear hearing device.
  • A suspected or diagnosed heart condition, heart disease or cardiac disorders.
  • Not suitable for babies, infants, or young children.
  • Should not be used on areas with active thrombosis including DVT.
  • Suspected or confirmed pregnancy - The electrode pads should never be placed close the abdomen or pelvis at any stage during pregnancy.
  • Suspected or diagnosed cancers of any type -The electrode pads should not be placed directly over areas where cancer is suspected or known to be present.
  • If you have diagnosed or suspected epilepsy or have experienced seizures.
  • The electrode pads should not be placed anywhere on the head or neck, including the base of the neck.