Did you know your Doctor can now email your prescription directly to your pharmacy?

Now more than ever we are aware of the need for people to stay safely in their homes and we at Meaghers have been helping you do just that with the introduction of our Helpline and our Nationwide prescription delivery service. But, getting your prescription has just become even easier than before! The Minister of Health has recently changed the prescription legislation here in Ireland,  which now allows your GP to email your prescription directly to your pharmacy via ‘Healthmail’.* Healthmail is a secure clinical email system set up by the HSE which reduces the need for patients to visit GP surgeries or hospitals to collect their script.

Once a prescription is received from a GP, our pharmacists can in turn then dispense your medicines and contact you to arrange delivery of your prescription right to your door using our Nationwide Delivery Service.

If you would like to get your prescription sent directly to our pharmacy and discuss your options for delivery then please let your GP know that they may forward your prescription directly to us via Healthmail. The email address for your GP to forward prescriptions to is meaghers@healthmail.ie . Please ask your GP to include your phone number in the email so that we can contact y when your prescription has been prepared.

If you wish to speak to a member of our team you can do so by contacting our Helpline on 01-4853098 or by emailing help@meagherspharmacy.ie

* Only accounts in the Healthmail network can email each other e.g. GP Surgeries to Pharmacies or Hospitals and vice versa. It is not possible to receive a mail from outside of this network e.g. Gmail. Prescriptions sent to other e-mail addresses are not valid.

Alternatively, if you live near one of our branches and wish to collect your prescription, healthmail details for each of our stores are listed below:

Meaghers Pharmacy Kinvara Park                          

Meaghers Pharmacy Mater                         

Meaghers Pharmacy Baggot Street                          

Meaghers Pharmacy Barrow Street

Meaghers Pharmacy Sandford     

Meaghers Pharmacy Ranelagh                         

Meaghers Pharmacy Churchtown                      

Meaghers Pharmacy Glenview,    

Meaghers Pharmacy Castletymon