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"I have been taking Symprove for just over 3 weeks and at first i was disappointed as even up until a few days ago there was no improvement and i felt i had wasted a lot of money.

However, in the last few days, ther has been a definate improvement. My extreme stomach cramps, pains and trapped wind have become less of an issue and my appetite has gone from one bowl of soup & half a roll per day to feeling constantly wanting to eat which is good as i was losing weight quickly.
Over 20 years on PPI's and a recent spell of antibiotics (which led to me being off work) must have just about wiped out any good bacteria in me whatsoever which is probably why it has taken a while to start making a difference.
My IBS pains were getting so severe that i was coming home from work almost on a weekly basis which led to many meetings with the HR department.
Years of appointments with doctors and gastroenterologists and every test under the sun had led to nothing, including freeze dried probiotics.
I almost laughed when my gastroenterologist suggested Symprove but after 24 days of the recommended 90 day test, i am convinced that there has been improvement which no other treatment or drug has done and i already feel more confident about eating out and spending days out etc.
It does work out very expensive, but as i said to my family, if it makes me feel better then it'll be worth every penny because i was in severe pain from the moment i woke until the moment i went to sleep and this had started from childhood and gradually got worse.
Just so happy i was recommended it."


“I have delayed writing a review until I was sure of the results of taking Symprove for the relief of IBS symptoms. I purchased Symprove for my son who has suffered for years with IBS. When I discovered Symprove he was in the throes of a very long nasty attack and I am so glad I decided to give Symprove a go. He has been taking a daily dose now for some weeks and the pain and discomfort have ceased and his appetite returned. I have no hesitation in encouraging and recommending anyone suffering as my son was to try Symprove as I am sure they will not regret it.”


“I have struggled for many years with apparently classic IBS symptoms. This has been most often in the form of extreme ‘bloating’ , abdominal cramping, constipation and diarrhoea. I visited doctors, consultants and others and explored diets and lifestyle changes to no avail and was close to despair of ever finding real and sustained relief from the debilitating symptoms that continually interrupted my life effecting my personality, relationships and quality of life. After so many years of the condition I am reluctant to declare victory but I can honestly say that the last 4 months since I started taking Symprove regularly have been the most IBS symptom free that I have experienced in many years. My wife is very clear as well that I am in much better shape all round since starting with Symprove. Here’s hoping!”


“I have just taken delivery of my  second batch of 8 bottles of Symprove. Having been diagnosed about 30 years ago with IBS I have recently been diagnosed with diverticular disease too. I am managing my diet carefully and find that when I take Symprove I can cope much better as I experience less symptoms. I have suggested to friends that they try it too.”

I have been taking it now for almost a month and have noticed a marked difference. It does feel liek things are "balancing out". I veer from IBS-D to IBS-C and even over the Christmas period I really felt that I could eat what I liked. It can be a real pain (ha ha) having both symptoms, you never really know what is going to hit you next. So to have a little more confidence is a real bonus. 

I hate to recommend things to other sufferers as we're all very different in our symptoms and reactions, but I can't see that this would have adverse side effects as there are no nasty man-made ingredients in there. Definitely worth a try I'd say."

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