St.Tropez Gradual Tan Pre Shower Mousse 120ml



The World’s first 1 minute Pre-Shower tan. The most convenient way to an everyday sunkissed glow. Clinically proven to double in sun-kissed colour in less than half the time, St.Tropez’s innovative Gradual Tan 1 Minute Everyday Pre-Shower Tanning Mousse allows you to gradually build a flawless, sun-kissed tan in minutes instead of hours.

Directions for use

  • Apply to dry skin in circular motions, using the light sheen to guide you.
  • Wait 1 minute.
  • Shower as normal.
  • Your natural, sunkissed glow will gradually develop over 8 hours.
  • Reapply daily or as desired to build your depth of tan.

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