Lancaster Tan Maximizer Soothing Moisturiser 125ml



Ever dreamed of a beautiful golden tan lasting longer? Now, you can prolong your holiday tan up to 1 MONTH with our new generation Tan Maximizer repairing & tan-prolonging after suns. This iconic fast-penetrating and ultra-soothing after sun moisturizer for face & body instantly calms sun-exposed skin and provides immediate comfort after application.

Apply daily to face and body after sun exposure and after your holidays to calm, soothe & moisturize skin. Tan result is more intense, luminous, even. Dare a lasting tan & hold on to that holiday glow you love for weeks after you get back!

 Soothing Moisturizer contains some Heliosome, an exclusive tan booster Lancaster complex that help the skin's recovery process by stimulating melanin production, naturally enhancing tanning by up to 50% to 80%. A unique soothing complex calms skin recently exposed to sun for instant comfort. Active hydrating properties re-moisturize dehydrated skin and reduce the risk of peeling, leaving the skin supple and silky-smooth.


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