Declare Power Duo Oil & Serum



Comprehensive Skin Care In An Innovative Guise: Hydro Components And Lipids Are Mixed In The Palm Of Your Hand. Pure, Clear, And Scaled Back To The Essentials. This Velvety, Nurturing Vitamin Cocktail Relaxes Demanding Skin Wonderfully, Enabling It To Regenerate Longterm. The Combination Of The Two Phases Lavishes Your Skin With Intensive Moisture, And Imbibes It With New Energy Thanks To Valuable Vitamins. Delicate Oils Make Your Skin Feel Powdery Soft Without Weighing It Down. Fine Lines And Wrinkles Are Reduced, Your Skin Appears Tauter And Firmer. With Declaré Src-Complex™. For Regenerated, Perfectly Groomes Skin With New Energy And Radiance.

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