Cellnutrition Dermo Action Hypertonic Spray 150ml

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For beautiful, healthy skin. Quinton Dermo Spray contains all 78 minerals and trace elements that the cells of your skin need to help keep your skin truly hydrated, healthy and young. The action of spraying on the skin has a double dermatological effect: the spray method oxygenates the dynamic hypertonic solution and the friction of it mechanically massages, rubs, and stimulates the skin exactly the same as we experience in the waves of the sea. This enables the skin to directly absorb all 78 elements.

Given that the Quinton Dermo Action’s mineral content is proportionally identical to that of our own internal environment, it is the only natural spray for external use that can effectively help support the skin. It is particularly recommended as a make-up base, as a tonic lotion, aftershave lotion, after sun to refresh the skin. It can be used as many times daily.

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