What is Therapy?

What is therapy?

Therapist is when a therapist sees a client in a private and confidential setting. The therapist enables the client to explore a difficulty or a distress that they may be experiencing through non-judgmental discussion. The client may be facing a specific issues such as stress or depression, or they have just reached a point in their life where they are concerned about a lack of purpose or direction.

By helping the client discuss and define their difficulties, the therapist will help the client find a solution to their distress. The therapist will also help the client understand the specific reasons behind their distress and help them develop the appropriate coping mechanisms.

Why should you visit a therapist?

It is not at all unusual to feel unhappy or sad from time to time and unexpected events can throw life into disarray and exert a negative impact on our daily lives. If you have on-going negative thoughts and feelings then this can lead to the development of anxiety or depression which can have a serious negative impact on your well-being

Talking to a professional in a safe non-judgmental environment about how you are feeling can really help ease your emotional suffering. 

I feel stressed and anxious

Stress, panic attacks and anxiety are some of the most common  issues that people face. We have developed a four week course for people who struggle with stress, but who don’t want to (or don’t need) to go to therapy.

Teh course is four weeks long and has been designed to help you overcome these issues. The course is a ‘guided self-help’ course. You progress through the material at your own pace, and you get regular checkins with a coach to make sure that you are progressing ok

How does the course work?

The course has been designed using the principles from Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT). CBT has been clinically proven to help most people in quickly overcoming their issues and it is an intuitive and successful therapeutic technique.

What is distance therapy?

Distance therapy is where a therapist will engage with their counsellor either over the phone or through an online video chat program such as Skype.

Is distance therapy effective?

Yes. Distance therapy follows the same principles as regular therapy, and is effective. Distance therapy is very useful for people who have little free time, who are busy or who live in remote areas