Heart Health Screening

Advanced Heart & Artery

Health Screening Service

  • Central Aortic Blood Pressure*
  • Arterial Stiffness Calculation*
  • Vascular Age Assesment*
  • Heart Rhythm Test*
  • Peripheral Blood Pressure
  • Pulse Rate

*These tests are not provided during a routine checkup.

You'll get immediate results and a detailed follow up report.

Most people don't know they have a problem and routine tests don't look at the areas we assess. This means that many people think they are healthy when in fact they are at risk if their underlying problem is not addressed.

When problems are identified early you can dramatically reduce your risk of stroke, heart attack, dementia, aneurysm and many more conditions by addresing the real causes, and we specialise in this area.

  • Blood pressure problems show no symptoms
  • High blood pressure is a symptom of a deeper problem
  • Arteial stiffness is not tested during routine tests
  • Arterial stiffness is the main cause of arterial blockages and clots
  • Our tests idetify if you are at risk NOW
  • Our tests are quick, accurate and non invasive!
  • Identifying risk early can dramatically reduce your risk.

  • Straightforward lifestyle program that works
  • Easy to follow and get measurable results
  • Evidence based risk reduction programme
  • Addresses the cause of the problem

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