Meaghers Helpline: 01-4853098


As you know certain restrictions have been put in place by the Government in an effort to flatten the curve of Covid-19 in Ireland, to reduce the pressure on our healthcare system and to ultimately save lives. These new restrictions have led to people cocooning and self-isolating in their homes. This means that we are only authorised to make essential trips such as food shopping and collecting medicines. Exempt from these restrictions are those in essential services such as our frontline teams and those whose jobs are considered to be essential to the safe running of our country. Can we take this moment to salute each and every hero in all areas and walks of life that continue to work through this crisis whilst we remain at home, all in an effort to lessen the impact of the Coronavirus on Ireland and save as many lives as possible.

As you know, here in Meaghers we pride ourselves on getting feedback from our customers both online and in stores and implementing strategies to greater cater for our customers’ needs. It has become apparent to us that there is a need to give people assistance in getting their medication – be it prescription or over the counter and to answer any medicine queries  that they may have, As a result of this request we have a set up helpline, so that you, our customer may receive the assistance and advice you need from the safety of your own home.

We have a team of pharmacists who will be on hand to answer all calls and emails and speak to any patient or family member who might be concerned about their medication – both prescription and over the counter. Calls with our pharmacists can be completed over the phone or by videocall using a secure video link so that you can get to speak to one of our pharmacists face to face albeit on your home screen. It is the closest thing we can offer at this time to continue having those reassuring talks to you all, that ordinarily would occur in our pharmacies. It may seem strange and definitely it’s a little bit different but we firmly believe in these worrying times we can all adapt as best we can. We can still be here for you to lend an ear and answer all your questions on your medications.

In addition to this, we are offering a nationwide delivery service and so patients can use this helpline to order medicines and have them delivered directly to the safety of their home. This delivery service is fully trackable and you will be contacted in advance with details of the time of your delivery. With each delivery, our pharmacists will be on the line to offer you guidance on the safe use of your medicines and answer any queries you may have.

Given the current climate we must advise you that we cannot guarantee delivery in all situations but what we absolutely can assure you of is that our team of pharmacists will do their utmost to look after you.

  • If you have a prescription with us in any of our branches, you can contact our Helpline and arrange to have your prescription made up and delivered.
  • If your prescription is in your GP surgery and you are unable to collect it, we can arrange for your prescription to be sent directly to us and have it delivered out to you.
  • If you have your prescription with you and are currently unable to leave your home, please contact us and we can discuss your options.

If your prescription has expired, please do not worry. Changes have been made in recent days to make it easier for you to get your prescription without having to visit your GP. Rest assured that we will do all we can to meet your needs whilst you remain safely at home.

  • If you need a new prescription: Be it for something you have already been prescribed or a new medication, you do not need to get a paper copy of the prescription – phone your GP and they can send your prescription directly to your pharmacist. Please note though that, your pharmacists cannot prescribe you a prescription medicine – this must be come from your GP.
  • If you have a prescription already: depending on what the prescription is for, some scripts will now be valid for 9 months instead of 6 months. Please contact our Helpline and we can advise you if this is the case.
  • There are other options where you may be able to get a repeat prescription without getting a new script – please phone our Helpline to discuss this with our pharmacists.

Please note, this situation is continuously evolving and these changes may be subject to change. They will be reviewed once the pandemic is over.

Given the current restrictions in place, we know that there are other pharmacy products you may need during this time. Our service is not limited to medicines only and can be used to order any other items from our stores that you may need. So from prescriptions to hand creams, from thermometers to face masks we can help.

We look forward to chatting with you over email or on the phone.

Stay Safe

Oonagh O’Hagan