Seoulista Cryo Cool Skin Tool

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Seoulista Cryo Cool® is an innovative device that cools the skin to help soothe irritation, lift and firm the complexion, reduce the appearance of pores, and encourage lymphatic drainage to help reduce puffiness.

Harnessing the power of cryo-technology, the thick aluminium cooling plates remain icy cool, even if stored at room temperature. When placed on the skin, the cold constricts the blood vessels, causing blood to rush away from the surface. Improving circulation, new blood returns renewed with fresh nutrients to help brighten and firm the complexion for a healthy glow.

Designed to be used with the Seoulista Super Serums®, the dispensing nozzle for each serum slots neatly into the Seoulista Cryo Cool®, allowing the potent formulations to more easily absorb as the cold therapy stimulates the skin.


• Use in the morning to depuff and awaken the skin.

• Use when skin is feeling hot and irritated to help minimise inflammation and reduce redness.

• Use with our Super Serums™ to increase their absorption.

1. Remove the handle from top of the tool.

2. Insert the serum bottle into the tool, turn clockwise to fully secure.

3. Press the button to dispense a pea-sized amount of serum.

4. Massage the face with the tool until the serum is fully absorbed.

5. Rinse, remove the serum, and replace handle.

Aluminium - Naturally cooling, the thick aluminium plates remain icy cool, even if stored at room temperature, to stimulate blood circulation.

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