Skingredients Core 4 + Cleanse Off Mitt Gift Set


This bundle of the Skingredients Core 4 products contains the essential steps for your daily skincare routine. The Core 4 Bundle contains the hydrating cleanser and makeup remover PreProbiotic Cleanse, illuminating pre-serum Skin Veg, the powerful, anti-ageing A, C, and E serum, Skin Protein, and your broad-spectrum mineral and lightly moisturising SPF, Skin Shield. The Core 4 Bundle comes complete with the 00 in the Skingredients range – a blue Cleanse Off Mitt for pre-cleansing and skin-friendly makeup removal tool!

Directions for use

00 Cleanse Off Mitt
 This reusable, washable, eco-and-skin-friendly pre-cleansing mitt is suitable for all skin. Simply run it under warm water and swipe it in gentle circles over your skin to remove makeup, SPF, excess oil, and product, too! 

01 PreProbiotic Cleanse: 

Use daily, AM + PM, after pre-cleansing, or alternating with your treatment cleanser. 

Pump a coin-sized amount of cleanser into wet palms. Massage into your face using firm, circular, outward motions. After 60 seconds, rinse and remove with wet hands or the Cleanse Off Mitt®.

02 Skin Veg pre-serum and 03 Skin Protein 

Combine half a pump of each serum and smooth into skin from the nipples up post-cleanse. 

04 Skin Shield SPF: 

Use every single day in the AM. Tap ½ a teaspoon to your face, neck and ears evenly, plus more to any exposed areas. Reapply every 2 hours when exposed to direct light. 

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