Bye! Bye! Germs OMG! Protection Kit



Bye! Bye! Germs OMG! Protection Kit includes an FDA Registered hand Sanitizer Gel, All Purpose Sanitizing Spray, All Purpose Sanitizing Wipes, Changeable Filter mask  and 5 Bundle of Mask Filters.

They are made to be travel size so that it is convenient to bring along with you everywhere. Sanitizing products can be used primarily on your hands when no water or soap is available. Gel is best used for your hands, sprays can kill germs in the air, on clothes, purses and packages. Wipes is a preventative medouble daredouble dareasure that can be used on all surfaces like counters, cell phones, door handles, grocery carts, etc. The changeable filter mask is made with easy breathable mesh fabric which fits perfectly to the face and protects 92% of particulate pollution with our replaceable filters.

  • FDA REGISTERED Hand Sanitizer Gel 50ml / 1.7oz
  • FDA REGISTERED All Purpose Sanitizing Spray 50ml / 1.7oz
  • FDA REGISTERED All Purpose Sanitizing Wipes 10 count / 54g
  • Changeable Filter Mask - Black or White Mask
  • 5 Bundle Mask Filter

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