BlendnGo 2.0+ Portable Blender

Color: Black
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BlendnGo 2.0+ will give you the freedom to bring the power of your household blender with you on the go. BlendnGo 2.0+ is equipped with + power technology which is 5x more powerful than the standard portable blender. Don't sacrifice power for convenience BlendnGo 2.0+ has it both. Containing 6 stainless steel blades and a 7.4v motor powering a 4,000mAh battery blend everything in seconds including ice!

  • BlendnGo+ is now 500mls in cup size
  • BlendnGo 2.0+ also contains a water-resistant charging port.
  • Fully charge your BlendnGo 2.0+ with any USB outlet. With BlendnGo 2.0+'s dual battery on a full charge you will get 20+ blends.
  • Clean before first use - To remove BPA free sticker soak cup in hot water and dish soap for 10 mins then simply peel and scrub off
  • Charge for 3-5 hours until all lights stay on indicating full charge
  • Start with the liquid
  • Cut ingredients
  • Double click to power on 
  • Shaking your BlendnGo while blending will help achieve better results
  • To clean simply add water and a drop of dish soap, turn on, empty and rinse
  • To give deep clean all parts easily come apart. Every 5-6 uses it is recommended to deep clean your BlendnGo. The seals also come out but always make sure to put the seals back in place securely before blending again.

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