Blank Canvas Splurge Set 12 Piece Brush Bundle With Keepsake Box

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Blank Canvas "Splurge Set" includes all the essential make up brushes which create both your every day make up as well as creative looks. 

Set Includes

  • Blank Canvas E01 Small Eye Blending Brysh 
  • Blank Canvas  E03 Lip & Eye Brush 
  • Blank Canvas Large Oval Shader Brush 
  • Blank Canvas E87 Small Blenind Brus 
  • Blank Canvas  E88 Angled Brow Brush 
  • Blank Canvas  Tapered Concealer & COntour Pencil Brush 
  • Blank Canvas F84 Angled Edged Contour Buffer Brush 
  • Blank Canvas F04 Angled COntour Brush 
  • Blank Canvas  F08 Dome Buffing Brush 
  • Blank Canvas  F39 Dome Powder Brush 
  • Blank Canvas F33 Extreme Contour Brush 

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